Keep beans and peas well watered and protected from pests.
Continue succession sowing of salad crops.
Pinch out the top shoots of broad bean plants and watch out for aphids.
Stop cutting asparagus on midsummers day.
Transplant brassicas and leek seedlings to their growing beds.
Keep weeding and watering and watching for signs of disease.

Net strawberries and other soft fruit to protect from birds.
Remove raspberry suckers appearing between the rows.
Keep fruit bushes watered during dry spells.
Keep fruit garden well hoed to prevent weeds competing for moisture.
Tie in new blackberry and loganberry canes to prevent damage.

Start sowing French and Runner Bean in well prepared ground.
Thin out carrot and other root crop seedlings, do not allow to dry out.
Sow courgettes and Squashes at end of month or earlier under cloches.
Sow more seeds for succession growing and thin out overcrowded seedlings.
Order seed catalogues for next year, if you haven't already done so.

Feed Rhubarb and put compost round crowns after harvesting.
Protect strawberries with straw mulch.
Weed around fruit canes and bushes.