Allotment Plots

At present there is a waiting list for allotment plots. To apply to join the waiting list email:-

We have had a lot of applications from people in Chandlers Ford please note that you are not eligible to join the waiting list. This also applies to applications from the new development at Abbotswood as this lies within Romsey Extra. The waiting list is for Romsey Town residents only.

The above email address can also be used by members to contact the Allotment Committee

Best Kept Alloment competition winners 2017
Points are given for tidiness, cultivation and variety of produce.
Cash prizes are awarded for the top three highest scores
at the end of the season. Congratulations to this years winners: -
First place and winner of the Jim Holloway cup :
Mr & Mrs Lourens, plot 20
Second place: Mr Dawkins, plot 19
Third place: Ms Dodson, plot 34
















We have had complaints from nearby residents about smoke and pollution from bonfires. Allotment Rule 6ii clearly states that the allotment holder shall not cause annoyance to any other allotment occupier or local resident. Failure to comply with this rule could mean no more bonfires at the allotments. It is a great pity that a few thoughtless plot holders choose to ignore this rule and also leave bonfires unattended. When you leave your plot any bonfire shoud be extinguished.

Fly Tipping

We have recently had some fly tipping occur on the allotments which the society has had to pay to have removed. Could all members please remember to close the gate if they are the last person to leave the plots. This may help deter future incidents of fly tipping. If fly tipping becomes a regular occurance rents will have to be raised to cover the cost of removal of the offending rubbish.

Chairmans report / Autumn Newsletter 2017

It is now nearing the end of another successful growing season. As I look around the allotments I can see that many tenants have been working really hard and have been able to harvest a lot of produce.
The time will soon come when the allotment has been cleared of vegetables etc., and time to start digging the plot over and then to leave for winter to allow frosts to break up the soil. This is also a good time to put down a good layer of well rotted manure, the worms will love to pull the manure into the ground. I would like to think that after this years hard work next year the plot will be that much easier to keep up together. Be assured this extra work will pay off and maintaining the plot will get easier.
Unfortunately there have been a few plots that have not been tended to as they should. I would like to advise all tenants that if, for any good reason you are unable to maintain the allotment, as per Allotment Garden rules, then please advise a committee member. We can arrange any assistance that may be needed. There is a list of committee members and their plot numbers on the notice board.
Many of you may not be aware that after many, many years as treasurer to the allotmnets Mike Nobbs has stood down from the post at the AGM in May. I would like to personally thank him and on behalf of the committee thank him for his willing efforts in carrying out this office. We now have a new committee member and treasurer in Richard Mandry. You will find him on plot 33. Please give him your support and forward your rent to him. Note the new address
I would like to welcome new tenants who have taken on plots this year, some of whom have only just taken up their plot. I hope that you are reaping the benefits of your hard work and realise that keeping an allotment up together is not as easy as Monty Don makes it look on Gardeners World!
In past years the committee have arranged a Produce Show and BBQ. This year both events have been cancelled because of lack of interest. If tenants feel they would like the committee to re-instate either or both of these events please speak to a committee member. The Produce Show is seperate to the annual Allotment competition. For this judging is carried out four times during the season, (October to September), see results on the notice board. The plots are judged on cultivation, tidiness and variety of crops. Prizes are awarded to the top three allotment plot holders who have gained the highest marks. It also allows the committee a way of keeping check on how the allotments are being kept together.
I would like to remind tenants that there is a 5mph speed limit on the allotment roads. It has been noticed that parts of the roads are beginning to pot hole so I would request that the speed limit is adhered to.
Now the usual reminders - if any tenants thinks they have a rat problem, then please speak to a member of the committee and we will endeavor to resolve this. Bonfires are permitted, but please check that the smoke is not drifting over the A27 road or towards the homes across the railway line and please make sure that the fire is extinguished before leaving the site. Finally if you are the last person leaving the allotments, please remember to close the gate.

John Waterman
Allotment Committee Chairman.

Allotment vandalism

A number of allotment sheds have been vandalised and turned over and other items such as fruit cages and stakes have been broken on the allotments.
The police are aware of this and spent some time at the plots with the Chairman looking for any clues as to the culprits. If you have had anything stolen from your plot could you please inform the committee or the Romsy police.